A Certified Home Energy Rater must successfully complete training by a RESNET Accredited Rater Training Provider and must be certified by a RESNET Accredited Rating Quality Assurance Provider. A Rater must successfully complete training by a RESNET accredited rater training organization. The training is conducted in accordance with a syllabus developed by RESNET. The training addresses:

  • Basic principles of building science (i.e., viewing the home as a system)
  • Thermal resistance of insulation materials
  • The minimum rated features for buildings
  • Blower door testing procedures
  • Duct leakage testing procedures
  • Variations in construction types and their ramifications
  • Types and efficiencies of windows
  • Types and efficiencies of heating, cooling, water heating, and lighting systems
  • Types and characteristics of space conditioning and domestic hot water distribution systems
  • Types of thermostatic controls
  • Determination of azimuth
  • Determination of air leakage
  • Determination of fuels used by major appliances
  • Utility rate structures
  • On-site inspection procedures
  • Producing a scaled and dimensional drawing of a home
  • Calculating the area of rectangles, triangles, circles, ovals and combinations of these shapes
  • Calculating the volume of boxes, pyramids, spheres, and other geometric shapes
  • Completing a home energy rating checklist or entering data into a home energy rating software program
  • Completing a home energy improvement analysis or entering data into a home energy rating software program that performs improvements analysis
  • Basic knowledge of financial incentive programs and energy efficient mortgages
  • Communicating the benefits of energy saving measures and practices to the consumer
  • Quality assurance

Certified Raters must also pass examinations that demonstrate a practical, working ability to effectively use the knowledge and skills set. 


The testing must be administered by a RESNET accredited rater Training Provider.  Contact us today to get started. After successful completion of the required exams a Rater candidate must complete the following probationary Ratings. 

Probationary Ratings are intended to Provide the student with a better understanding of what task are required. Probationary Ratings give the Trainer with the student through mentoring and examination. Five probationary Ratings are required. Three must be confirmed in the field with the student. 

Once the student has successfully completed the required probationary Ratings the Trainer will request from RESNET the candidate student National registration ID. The instructor /QAD will submit an application to RESNET National Quality Assurance Manager or certification staff. Once confirmed RESNET will issue the national Rater ID. 

The Rater will need this to obtain certification from a accredited RESNET Rating Quality Assurance Provider. BPS is here to help! 

RESNET HERS Rater Training Class and Certification

HERS Rater Training online or classroom. We offer small class settings, one on one personal training. 

  • Building Science for the beginner or expert 

  • “How – to” conduct a proper Energy Audit

  • HVAC training (residential) 

  • Duct Blaster, Blower door, Combustion analyzer, CO Detector, Thermography, diagnostics 

  • Energy Audit Software (REM-Rate) and Ekotrope

Contact us 877-831-5061 Ask for Student Services, if email is more comfortable email us at Would you like to speak to the Instructor for a more personal approach? Ask to speak to John. 

  • Are you a Rater?
  • Do you need continuing education credits?
  • Perhaps you passed your Rater exams and probationary ratings but need a Provider? 
  • Did your certification expire? 
  • Have you taken your SIM exams?

We are here to help. Contact us and we will work with you to get you the training you need, walk you through the Provider Rater certification process. It is as easy as reaching out to us today. Call 877-831/5061 or email us at and speak to one of our certified trainers and/or Quality Assurance Designee 


This is a great starting point for a person that enjoys inspections but is not ready to do advance energy modeling. The requirements starts with Four required mentoring reviews by a certified Energy Rater and one final field and file review by an certified RESNET Trainer or Quality Assurance Designee (QAD) Come on down and get started today! BPS will have you mentor with a certified Rater to start then on to certification. We are here to help you get started and we will see you through the process. 

Building Performance Solutions has trained thousands of students across the country. We provide you the study materials and customize trainings that best fit for your needs. 

Building Science Basics Training Course

  • 2009/2012/ 2015/2018/2021  IECC Compliance-Understanding these Code Changes and Performance modeling 
  • Duct Blaster & Blower Door Example- What it does and how it works
  • Air Sealing and Insulation Training/Techniques-Proper techniques for success

In the field training for your Construction Team!

Sales Training for REALTORS

  • How to market an Energy Efficient Home
  • Understanding the RESNET HERS Score
  • Understanding Energy Efficiency  / Appraisal
  • Compare Energy Star Home/ HERS
  • What is a Blower Door and what does the result mean 
  • What can I find out from a Duct Blaster Test 
  • Building Science As A System!