What is RESNET?

Residential Energy Service Network 

  • A non profit, membership corporation that is governed by a Board of Directors made up by Members, Industry trade professionals, similar supporting organizations, and builders. 
  • ANSI national standard RESNET stands out.Is recognized for building energy efficiency ratings and certification systems using standard development and amendment process, transparent review and adoption process, and lastly formal public review and comment process.

RESNET Quality Assurance Process 

  • Every Rating Provider must employ a certified Quality Assurance Designee. 
  • This Quality Assurance Designee independently verifies the internal consistency of at least 10% of all building input files.
  • Quality Assurance Designee must also independently field verify the accuracy of at least 1% of each certified Raters' homes.
  • RESNET will then monitor the Rating Providers compliance with Quality Assurance requirements.
  • RESNET also has a Dispute Resolution Policy for complaints. If you feel as the client or builder, Rater that the Provider or Rater has not performed ethically or professionally. Contact RESNET at www.resnet.us 

Why choose Building Performance Solutions, LLC as your Rating Quality Assurance Provider? 

  • Lower annual fees (we charge less) we offer more 
  • Lower per Rating fees for submissions 
  • Quick turn around of Rating Processing (our standard turn around time is 24 hours) many times same day. 
  • Help Desk! We have experts standing by to help you with your questions 
  • Lower cost for Quality Assurance requirements; Our file reviews are no additional charge 
  • Field reviews: we combine trips to review multiple Rater and we are working with RESNET to promote and focus on Remote Q/A join up and we can explain 
  • RESNET Sampling Provider