What is RESNET?

Residential Energy Service Network 

  • A non profit, membership corporation that is governed by group of 20 who are elected by membership.
  • By national standards is recognized for building energy efficiency rating and certification systems using standard development and amendment process, transparent review and adoption process, and lastly formal public review and comment process.

How Does RESNET Provide for Quality Assurance within the Rating Industry?

RESNET has precise produce they use to ensure quality standards are being maintained, such as:

  • Every Rating Provider must employ a certified Quality Assurance Designer.
  • This Quality Assurance Designee independently verifies the internal consistency of at least 10% of all building input files.
  • Quality Assurance Designee must also independently field verify the accuracy of at least 1% of each certified Raters' homes.
  • RESNET will then monitor the Rating Providers compliance with quality assurance requirements.